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Give our guys (and girls) a chance!

South Africa’s players did not fare too well at the continental championship in Botswana, in May. So what should we do to advance our talented, but under-performing players. In the old Soviet days the Russian Federation were effective but pretty ruthless in ensuring that stars from Botvinnik to Kasparov progressed from talented amateurs to world class champions. How did they do it? Established grandmasters had to earn their keep by taking a junior under their wings and become their coaches and Read more [...]
Olafsson, Koneru, Dvoretsky, Timman, Spassky

To Coach or Mentor

You don’t need a coach to teach you the moves. There are many initiatives to improve the level of coaching in South Africa with the lure of coaches being awarded titles — an obsession in chess, but this will be the subject of another article. These initiatives have done a wonderful job at increasing the chess-playing skills of the coaches, but how to apply these skills to the players you are supposed to coach, that is the question. Take Mark Dvoretsky. At the height of his playing career Read more [...]