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Give our guys (and girls) a chance!

South Africa’s players did not fare too well at the continental championship in Botswana, in May. So what should we do to advance our talented, but under-performing players. In the old Soviet days the Russian Federation were effective but pretty ruthless in ensuring that stars from Botvinnik to Kasparov progressed from talented amateurs to world class champions. How did they do it? Established grandmasters had to earn their keep by taking a junior under their wings and become their coaches and Read more [...]

Awards for 2012 in the Western Cape

The Western Province Awards Ceremony featured Ronel Pieterse as an action woman. She was the moving force behind the annual event held last Saturday at the Dimension Data auditorium in Black River Park. Ronel is the vice-president of Chess WP and her job was to muster scores of school children (and their parents) for the junior half of the afternoon in which each child was presented with a certificate stating which board number and in which team they were to play in at the end of Read more [...]

Homer Nods

Even the world's best overlook the obvious. From the first round of the 4th London Chess Classic. The game began Black: Nakamura White: Aronian — to play White admitted he overlooked the consequences of 26. Rd2 — what happens next?   Solution (Click a move below the board to jump to that move) Interactive chess board brought to you by PGN for Web Please give the board a few seconds to load. Not loading? Refresh the page ⌘R (Mac) or ctrl R (PC) Read more [...]