Magnus Carlsen

It’s not drugs that cheats use

Magnus Carlsen, 21, has never been drug tested in his career.

Now the International Chess Federation Fidé has sent Carlsen a letter stating that he will be involved in a pilot project of drug testing.

“I think it’s not so much about drug testing in chess,”

said Carlsen. “However,  I submit to it.”


The Norwegian GM is on track to break Garry Kasparov’s record in the world rankings. Fidé would like chess to be considered an Olympic sport by the IOC in the future, and for that an anti-doping program is a prerequisite.

Carlsen met the Norwegian agency AP for an interview and answered some questions about drug use in chess, something he has never considered:

“For me it is unthinkable to do such a thing.”

It appears he will in the future have to submit urine or blood samples, in or out of competition. Carlsen is at a loss to say what he thinks about these measures. He thinks about it for a while, looking at his manager Espen Agdestein as he answers questions on the subject – and finally says that this is not a big deal for him.

“If I have to report where I am all the time, I’ll have to think more about it. I could get used to it, but it seems quite unnecessary.”

But does he think it is possible to take restorative pills to enhance one’s performance? “I suppose that is possible. But in order to perform well you would have to take things during the game. For my own part I need no hocus pocus in order to perform.”

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