Tiviakov berates SA Chess

An unscripted extra took place at the opening ceremony at the DSK Open in Cape Town.
Attended by minister Dr Ivan Meyer and other dignitaries.
Grandmaster Sergei Tiviakov seized the opportunity to berate the organization of South African chess for not making much progress towards lifting its best juniors to compete with the likes of Ipatov.
The former Soviet star said that a permanent academy presided over by a top international trainer, as is still the case in Russia, where the chess students would be hand-picked for their burgeoning talents and given a lengthy full-time course was the way to go.
Director general of sport in the Western Cape, Advocate Lyndon Bouah told me that he had taken Tiviakov’s message to heart. If the SA Chess Academy comes to fruition, it will be the greatest reward from the DSK tournament.
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